You shall not murder

“You shall not murder.” Exodus 20:13 (ESV)

Sitting in church last Sunday my mind wandered a little and I wondered to myself which verse in the Bible is chapter 20 verse 13.


Of course, there are several books with that reference. But I went straight to the Book of Exodus.

I figured God might have something to say to me as He did the Israelites all those years ago.

And so it is I found the verse said “do not murder“.

If we listen to Jesus, we understand that even being “angry” is grounds for judgement (Matthew 5:21).

It’s not enough to obey the letter of the law. We need to obey the spirit of the law too.

Now there’s a great New Year’s resolution: “do not get angry”.

Easier said than done. Hence, the need to pray for it!


prayer : please make me slow to anger

action : learn to control my anger and frustration

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