the law is good

“Now we know that the law is good, if one uses it lawfully,” 1 Timothy 1:8 (ESV)

That’s the crux of it: if the law is used lawfully. Thus it’s first necessary to know what it means to use the law “lawfully”.

John Piper, in his sermon “How to Use the Law Lawfully to Bear Fruit for God“, does an excellent job of explaining this.

It’s well worth listening to or reading.

What I took away from his talk is that rules and regulations help us to know and understand what sin is.

But, having been transformed by the grace of God, it’s love that should dictate our every thought, word, and deed.

Love for God. Love for our neighbour. Love for His creation.

As believers, we’re called to “meditate on the law in order to know the justice and mercy of God in Christ, our righteousness and our life.”

What a great privilege it is to be able to “meditate on His word day and night”. (Psalm 1:2)


prayer : thank you God that we have the law to point us towards Jesus

action : live as a child of God, forgiven and “set free from the law of sin and death” (Romans 8:2)

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